• J.W. Southwick

Work Progresses On Camp Davis Industrial Park

Camp Davis Industrial Park | Drainage Channels
Work continues on drainage channels around Camp Davis Industrial Park.

There's a lot of planning and work that goes into prepping a site like Camp Davis Industrial Park. You don't just knock down some trees, put up a sign and say, "Here you go!" There's many things that need to be addressed, such as drainage, water supply and sewage. We've been busy the last couple of weeks, working hard to make sure that Camp Davis provides the ideal environment for businesses looking to take advantages of the benefits the property has to offer.

We'll keep you up-to-date here on our blog, so be sure that you check back frequently to track the progress.

Camp Davis Industrial Park | Water and Sewer Infrastructure
Water and sewer infrastructure on stand-by for installation at Camp Davis.

Camp Davis Industrial Park | Drainage Pond
Drainage pond on the Camp Davis Industrial Park site.

Ready to secure your spot for success? Contact Cape Fear Commercial at (910) 344-1000 to get more information on Camp Davis Industrial Park. Onslow Bay Boatworks recently selected Camp Davis as the site for its new facility, and we're thrilled to have them onboard! Don't miss your chance to be a part of this fantastic opportunity!